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CAPACITIES - : 5 kgs / hour - 30 TPH
TYPE - : Pan and Tubular
The vibratory feeder pan or tube is adequately reinforced with steel plates to take the weight of the Electromagnetic or Electromechanical Vibratory Motor. The feeder is suspended on resilient high carbon steel springs with necessary holding rods to permit free vibration of the pan, without transferring shocks on to the supporting structure.
The D.C. Vibro motor is meant for heavy duty operation and has an Electromagnetic coil and is insensitive to dust.
A Thyristor Control Unit is provided which comprises of Trigger Circuit Thyristors, Selector switches, ON and OFF Push buttons, Auxillary contacts for sequential interlocks and other controls.
Fast and trickle feed can also be provided for Vibratory feeders used in Batching operations. With this system the equipment gives full output tp-to say 90% of the set amount and automatically changes over to Trickle feed mode to discharge the balance 10% of the set amount. At a particular point the Trickle mode comes to a halt when 100% of the desired weight is discharged into the Weigh Hopper.
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