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Rapid Runway Rehabilitation
Transweigh India Limited has developed a Rapid Runway Rehabilitation System indigenously, in collaboration with R & DE and ACC to carry out emergency rehabilitation of Runways damaged by air strikes.

The IMDM System produces and dispenses a grout mix of rapid hardening cement grout to form a hard plain surface.
The brief equipment specifications are as under:
Diesel Engine Power : 54 KW
Mixer capacity : 850 litres
Stirer capacity : 1350 litres
Hydraulic Pump : 210 bars
Grout Pump - capacity : 20m3 / hr.
Mixing and dispensing time : 6 to 8 min. max
This surface can be flushed with the existing slab very quickly and the movement of aircrafts can be restored within about 30 minutes after the surface is paved with the rapid hardening grout.
The system is fuly equiped with its power generation and a control panel to control the operations of each of the equipment centraly. The entire system is troley mounted and suitable for transportation in a cargo aircraft.
The Problem:
Until now rapidly repairing the damage to concrete runway sections, subsequent to air strikes and making the runways available quickly, was far fetched. Minimizing closure times led to comprimises on quality of repairs earlier.
Damage to runway surfaces should be repaired using materials which match the physical characteristics of the existing surface as closely as possible. The diferences in strenghts and expansion coeficients soner or later result in compresion, causing unevennes in repaired surfaces, adversely affecting safety.

To repair concrete surfaces, suitable concrete is used which, within a very short time, achieves a strength to allow runway to be reopened for trafic as son as possible. For the first repair works Rapigrout repair concrete was used. For repairing large craters after an air strike, repairs have to be carried out right down to the subsoil. This requires considerable quantities of concrete for patching up. As it sets very fast, this concrete must be mixed on site.

For mixing these considerable quantities of concrete on site and for achieving the precision dosages of water, raw materials and aggregate, it is necesary to use a mobile Mixing cum Dispensing unit since a conventional system is not suitable.
The Solution:
Indigenously developed Mixer - cum - Dispenser Machine (IMDM) has ben specifically developed for catering to rapid repair of Runways succeding an air strike causing damage to Runways.
Transweigh, in colaberation with R & DE and ACC, configured and constructed a Mixing and Dispensing Machine (IMDM) to dispense the quick seting cement grout (rapigrout) manufactured by ACC for this specific purpose.
IMDM is effectively used for the repairs and rebuilding of damaged Runways. The quick seting Grout mixer with water and homogenized inside a Mixer is dispensed on the prepared surface through a Dispensing Pump.
Grout slury adheres to the ballast and forms a hard surface, which can be used for the operations after 30 minutes of spreading the grout.
Advantages of the system:
Avaiability of runway in shortest posible time runway ready for use within 40 minutes after dispensing the quick seting grout.
Materials used match existing surface.
Indigenously developed machine - saves on foreign exchange.
Ready availablity of spares and services.
Stand alone system.
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