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BELT WIDTH : 500mm to 2400mm
ACCURACY : Upto0.5%
Functional Description:
Conveyor Belt Weigher with TUC-6
The conveyor belt weigher system consists of a conveyor belt whose load is constantly weighed with a measuring device. The volume flow is calculated from the product offload (Load-cell value) and belt speed (Tacho frequency or fixed frequency). Integration of the instantaneous conveyed value results in the amount transported.

The TUC-6 conveyor belt weigher unit calculates the instantaneous value of the material being conveyed and keeps track of the amount of material conveyed over a period of time.
The measuring unit is operated using the TUC-6 keypad, and the 2 line, 16 digit LCD display. The display values are called using fixed keys or displayed through pull-down selection.
The configuration of the conveyor belt weigher is determined by the parameter fields. To do this, a selection is made from the given values in the configuration menus or a parameter is entered using the front keypad.

The unit is operated as a measuring and display unit. If the unit is operated with a tacho, the belt speed determined from the tacho signal is used for the flow-rate output and volume calculations. In case of operations without tacho, the belt speed is assumed as a constant value (Internal fixed frequency). In this mode, a “Start” command is required from the TUC-6 keypad to start the quantity integration.
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